We are a team of specialists, with combined experience of over 150 years in billboards and signage.

All of our sales staff are highly experienced in media & advertising and draw on knowledge gained from their countless successful campaigns. Our insight, honesty and passion for what we do is valued by some of Australia's largest businesses.

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  • Meg McGinty
    National Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Leigh Morris
    Agency Account Manager
  • Paul Menary
    Head of Direct Sales
  • Chantal King
    Senior Business Development Manager
  • Michael Evans
    Business Development Manager
  • Russell Erskine
    Business Development Manager
  • Sam Hussey
    Business Development Manager
  • Jodie Sweeny
    Business Development Manager
  • Zan Valks
    Sales Coordinator
  • Chris Tyquin
    Joint Managing Director
  • John Tyquin
    Joint Managing Director
  • Pete Tyquin
    Director of Production
  • Deb Langham
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Janelle Belford
    Executive Assistant
  • Alex Peisker
    Marketing Executive
  • Angela Boon
    Sales Executive
  • Willi Wissler
    Graphic Designer
  • Dean Taylor
    Manager, Sales Operations
  • Mel Maggs
    Development Manager
  • Tom Jenner
    Development Manager
  • Rod Kilpatrick
  • Sally Taha
    Finance/Accounts Officer
  • Jacqui Cowley