How big are the billboards?

The size of billboards vary, however almost all of goa's billboards fit within the standard sizes below.

How much are the billboards?

6m x 3m billboards are priced from $195 per week, and can be booked for as little as four weeks, which makes them a very cost effective advertising option when compared to press, radio or television.

How long is my message displayed for?

Typically billboards are booked in 4 week display periods. However, goa billboards can be flexible and work to your campaign timing. You may wish to book several billboards and move your skin from site to site to give greater coverage.

What is an appropriate planning window?

Generally you should plan billboards three months in advance, bearing in mind some billboard locations may book out six to twelve months in advance. You should allow yourself approximately one month for the creative process and printing of the billboard skin/s.

What is the process to get my advertisement on the billboard?

  1. Source availabilities and book billboard sites.
  2. Source artwork (goa provides a specialised billboard creative service)
  3. Organize production of vinyl billboard skin/s (we provides a comprehensive gaurantee on skins produced by goa).
  4. Installation of billboard skin and goa will provide you with a Proof of Posting photo.

Questions to ask yourself when planning billboard advertising.

  1. Who am I trying to target? Where is my client base currently? Where are my competitors' biggest markets?
  2. What is the goal of the campaign? (Branding/Promoting an offer or location/Countering competitor activity)
  3. What is the timing of the campaign?
  4. What is the budget for your campaign? (Needs to include site rental, production, installs, creative).
  5. How will you measure the success of the campaign? (Sales inquiry/ Web traffic / Foot traffic)

Can I move my billboard skin from one site to another?

Yes. The same vinyl skin can be moved easily from one billboard site to another.

Does goa prepare artwork?

Yes we offer an in-house creative service. The standard charge for billboard artwork is $300, and covers three hours of art direction, design and copy writing work. If you require artwork for any other purpose ask us for a quote.

Where are goa's billboards located?

We have around 350 billboards located throughout south east Queensland and regional centres as far north as Cairns. These are predominantly Brisbane metropolitan sites including Queensland Rail stations and platforms.