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We are a family owned company who has been in business since 1983. Our signage team has extensive experience in the signage industry ranging from traditional signs right through to digital LED applications. Collectively, our staff have over 100 years’ experience.
goa Signage is one of Brisbane best kept secrets! We work to deliver signage for our clients own use which they own outright. We assist our clients over the life and growth of the sign through updates, maintenance and network expansion.
Yes. We experience all types of weather extremes and site variations, so to be sure your sign is safe and last as long as possible, we engineer and certify our large-scale builds.
We handle all types of signage including: Club and Hotel signage, Development signage, sales suites, digital screens, shopfronts, light boxes, wall murals, fabricated lettering, pylon signs, client owned billboards and building signage to name a few! Please see our gallery for examples.
Yes, all our teams are local. This not only speeds up builds times, it also ensures you receive quick response to any enquiry, which is no more than 24 hours.
Our workmanship warranty extends for a period of 12 months.
Yes we can. We have an in-house development team dedicated to securing permits for signs who have many years’ experience dealing with Council, DTMR, Heritage and other regulatory bodies.
We sure can. We often help clients identify key locations for their signage and tailor a solution to suit their needs and budget. Once you have determined how much you would like to invest, feel free to get in touch by calling 07 3854 1150 or by filling in our contact form.


This is reliant on the existing structure conditions. We inspect your sign and assess any drawings you may have to guarantee a safe install and reinforce your sign where required so it can support the screen with ease.
We install Indoor and Outdoor screens using a variety of technology suited to your individual needs such as commercial grade LED and LCD.
Yes – we’ve even created software to add your additional screens with ease – and you can control them all from one simple location.
We introduced digital technology to QLD in the 1990’s. The very same products our billboard side of the business uses, is passed onto our signage clients – we don’t sell you anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. All units are thoroughly tested to make sure they withstand our environment and provide incredible reliability, running at less than 1% offline rates.
Our standard screens last 100,000 hours. We do have a range of technology available, some which last even longer. Please feel free to submit and enquiry by phone or our contact form to find our more.
Our software ensures your screen runs at the right candela at all times to make sure you are complaint with council regulation.
Our system is very user friendly. Just a small amount of training is needed.
Council prohibit sound and animation on roadside screens, however we can connect audio and run animation on internal screens in indoor and outdoor environments which aren’t viewed from a public road.
Yes you can. We have a specialist 4G connection used for Wi-Fi.
Absolutely, and at no additional charge. We also provide 3 months IT Support while you get up and running.
No we don’t. Some companies do however we prefer to assess the issue and address that as quickly as possible, at an hourly rate.
We aim for a 24 hour response time and are accessible via email, phone or mobile for the list of your sign.

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