Vero Insurance ‘kicks a goal’ with Brisbane Lions Sponsorship campaign

goa is excited to announce a partnership with Vero Insurance, supporting their sponsorship of the Brisbane Lions.

The campaign, which runs during home game weeks from April to September, will see the brand utilise the goa connect platform to its full potential. goa, Vero and their media agency Starcom Brisbane, have worked together to create ‘Live Scoreboards’, bringing the Lions’ games to the street in real time.

The campaign will also see Vero utilising dynamic copy and image updates depending on game outcomes in coming months. Effectively the brand has complete creative control of their message at any time with creative built by GPY&R Brisbane.

goa’s Joint Managing Director, Chris Tyquin, has said, “This has been a great opportunity for us to bring something truly engaging to the streets of Brisbane. Being able to deliver live score updates to commuters is a true value add to the brand, in line with their sponsorship”.

“It’s been a truly collaborative process and we’re thrilled with the outcome.”

Starcom Brisbane’s, Nathan Fraser has said “It’s great to be able to combine data and automation into an outdoor format to be able to deliver an engaging addition to the campaign mix”.

Vero began its partnership with the Brisbane Lions in 2012 as sponsors of the Coaching Group. In 2013, they became a Co-Major Partner of the club and still continue to work with them to bring better experiences to both fans and customers.

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