Divine Digital Intervention

‘Outrageous Love’ was launched in 2014 and in just 7 days generated some outrageous results. The campaign ran more than 60 creatives across THE goa GRID!

The Challenge

To send a positive message of love to residents of Brisbane over the week of the G20 Leaders’ Summit. In a time that came with inherent stress and inconvenience for residents, the challenge was to help broadcast a campaign that surprised and delighted!

The Solution

In November 2014 goa helped bring the ‘Outrageous Love Movement’ to life across Brisbane. The campaign ran more than 60 separate creatives across the 20 screens that make up THE goa GRID for a week, declaring that Jesus loves hipsters, haters, bad drivers, world leaders and many more. The client cleverly used THE goa GRID to create intrigue, ensuring that on their habitual routes commuters saw a different message each time.

The Results

The campaign on THE goa GRID reached over 350,000 people
#OutrageousLove got 500 likes on Instagram posts in just 5 hours
Ultimately, the campaign generated almost 9,000 Instagram likes in under a week and definitely spread the love!

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