South City Mazda

South City Mazda is a part of the South Coast Automotive Group. They are one of Queensland's largest used and second hand car dealerships, ranking third in terms of overall sales. They pride themselves on providing an exceptional product and an exceptional service to go with it.

A Localised Campaign

South City Mazda faces a challenge that every franchisee would be familiar with - how to grow their market share whilst keeping to their designated geographic 'patch', or Primary Marketing Area. The dealership came to goa with this challenge and together, we have developed a truly effective solution.

The "Last Piece of the Puzzle"

Using goa's audience measurement system, MOVE, we were able to build a precise media plan reaching South City Mazda's target audience inside their Primary Marketing Area. Chief Operating Officer and Group General Manager, Leon Cleal, describes this as 'the last piece of the puzzle' in this video:

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