What R U Having?

In 2013, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) combined a striking message with digital immediacy to ask Brisbane residents, "What R U Having”?

The Challenge

In 2013, PFLAG created a video to spark thought and conversation around marriage equality. While the video was powerful, no one would see it on a web page – they needed to get people talking.

The Solution

PFLAG launched a public service announcement across THE goa GRID™, aiming to spread the word and influence the public’s attitudes. According to the campaign’s creator, Steve Minon, “it was designed to get people thinking, and challenge them a little. We’re trying to point out to any family that marriage equality can be your number one priority”.

The Results

7,000 watched the video in the day following the campaign launch.

Media outlets covered the story following the media launch at goa HQ.

Ultimately 336,000 people viewed the video inside the two month campaign period.

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