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Yes we can. goa offers in-house design services, just ask for these costs to be added to your contract. You’ll need to supply us with a high resolution version of your logo and any imagery or fonts that you’d like used – we can do the rest.
You can see how your artwork looks ‘in-situ’ to test its effectiveness using this tool.
Use an FTP replacement site like MailBigFile to send your artwork files to Be sure to include your email address in the comments field in case we need to ask questions!
It depends on a number of factors including the format you select, how long you are in market and the number of sites to choose. For details submit an enquiry form and we’ll get back to you!
Billboards are booked in lunar periods (blocks of four weeks), not calendar months. The minimum booking period is one lunar period.
Yes. We’re governed by rules set out by the Outdoor Media Association and a number of other regulators which you can read about here. We need to make sure that all outdoor advertising:
  • Treats sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity
  • Does not contain violence that cannot be justified in its context
  • Uses language suitable for a broad audience


We can have your artwork live within the hour provided that the files are to specifications and they are supplied inside our office hours.
Digital billboards are booked in one-week blocks from Monday to Sunday. The minimum booking period is one week.
No, this is against Council regulations.
No, this is against Council regulations.
Once every 60 seconds, for 10 seconds at a time. goa shows a maximum of six advertisers on a digital billboard at any time, meaning that your message will never get lost in the clutter.
As often as you like! You can schedule unlimited creative changes, free of charge. We do ask that you send us your first file the Thursday prior to your live date, but feel free to change as often as you like after that inside office hours.


For classic formats, we will need to print your artwork which takes 2 – 3 weeks. While we do offer express printing options if needed, we recommend that you allow 3 weeks between your intended start date and signing your contract.
An e-proof is a low-resolution version of the exact artwork which will be printed. This is a ‘last check’ before printing. We send it to you to check for any differences from the artwork you provided, as well as spelling and colour.
No, we use a sturdy vinyl material to print artwork which can be moved from billboard to billboard, provided that they are not booked at the same time. Different locations do have different fixing mechanisms which hold the skins in place, so we’ll work with you to ensure you’re producing the right material for your campaign.

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