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Our audience measurement system MOVE provides us with accurate data and limits the possibility of media wastage.

Cutting Edge Technology

MOVE is Australia’s premier quantitative audience measurement currency for Out-of-Home. MOVE provides detailed demographic and geographic data to help you build and measure campaigns of any size. Experts accredit the system as being by far the most robust audience measurement system in the world.

Understanding Your Impact

Using MOVE, we will help you define your target audience, discover how much of this audience you’ll reach and determine how often you’ll reach them, making sure that you understand every aspect of your media strategy.

A Tailored Media Plan

Using this data, we will work with you to tailor your billboard campaign to maximise its impact. You only pay to reach potential customers in your area, whether that’s your local catchment or the whole of SEQ.

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Because our business is shaped by your requirements and results, we dedicate all of our effort and expertise to getting you noticed. That’s why we’ve been leading the market for over 30 years.

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