Our Model

goa runs Queensland’s largest digital network and brings to each project this expertise and market knowledge. We stand proud as a valuable tenant for potential landowners.

Guaranteed Income

Unlike other models, our landowner get paid even if the sign is unsold for some periods. Our landowners are secure in knowing that they are dealing with an Out-of-Home company which is locally owned, is a long term operator in this field and owns and operates over 300 advertising structures.

We provide our property owners with a fixed and secured income.

Increase Property Values

Not only can this asset increase your property’s commercial value, it also provides a silent rental income stream for a very small piece of the property at no cost to you.

No Capital Outlays

We pay for the council application and ongoing council fees associated with the new sign tenancy, sign construction, connection of electricity, ongoing electricity consumed and all maintenance connected with the ongoing use of the sign structure.

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