This 6x3m site is located in one of Brisbane's outer northern satellite towns, Wamuran, which is approximately 11kms north-west of Caboolture, a major northern town centre.The panel is located on the right hand side of the road, on a long, straight stretch, receiving prolonged, head on viewing from traffic heading inbound (east) towards Caboolture from the townships of Wamuran, D'Aguilar and Wooodford.

Restrictions: No political, religious advertising

D'Aguilar Hwy, Wamuran - Inbound

4512 0001

Sunshine Coast
6.00m x 3.00m
Rope Edge

MOVE #2961
Demo Reach
(28 days)
P14+ <1% 13,000 2.6
P25-54 <1% 6,000 2.5
OG1 <1% 3,000 2.8

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