Digital Billboards

goa's digital billboards are the ultimate high-impact Out-of-Home solution. Ranging from 20sqm to 135sqm, these screens are strategically situated on some of Brisbane's highest-traffic roads.

the goa grid

THE goa GRID™ is Brisbane’s broadcast roadside digital billboard network offering in excess of 350,000 potential impacts daily. It combines the power of a uniquely creative medium, super-flexible software and precision planning to deliver a ‘tick and flick’ solution to advertisers.

The iconic series

THE ICONIC SERIES™ is goa’s premium digital billboard offering. Towering above Brisbane’s busiest roads, these screens are architectural landmarks in their own right. Combine this with goa’s exclusive capabilities and THE ICONIC SERIES is Brisbane’s most attention-grabbing Out-of-Home platform.


goa connect™ is available on all of goa’s digital screens, allowing advertisers to seamlessly broadcast live copy as well as stream audience generated content from Twitter and Instagram.

Electronic Message Centres

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Classic Supersite

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Classic 6x3

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