Digital Billboards

Our digital billboards are the ultimate high-impact Out-of-Home solution. Ranging from 20sqm to 135sqm, these screens are strategically situated on some of Brisbane's highest-traffic roads.


THE goa GRID™ is Brisbane’s broadcast roadside digital billboard network reaching over 1million people per week. It combines the power of a uniquely creative medium, super-flexible software and precision planning to deliver a ‘tick and flick’ solution to advertisers.


THE ICONIC SERIES™ is our premium digital billboard offering. Towering above Brisbane’s busiest roads, these screens are architectural landmarks in their own right. THE ICONIC SERIES is Brisbane’s most attention-grabbing and dynamic Out-of-Home platform.

goa Connect

goa connect™ is available on all of our digital screens, allowing advertisers complete creative control to upload, create and change their digital artwork anywhere, anytime.

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