This Digital goa GRID billboard is opposite the Royal Brisbane Hospital - Australia's largest hospital. Bowen Bridge Road is an extension of Lutwyche and Gympie Roads and is the main northern arterial road leading to and from Brisbane CBD. This site is situated to the left of the road and viewed by traffic travelling inbound to the Brisbane CBD. Vehicles stopped at the traffic lights experience prolonged viewing of the site. Average morning peak time speed: 27.6km/h. Average afternoon peak time speed: 33.6km/h.

Restrictions: No advertising of alcohol, health services, immoral, religious, or political content, solicitors or tow truck operators. Charitable advertising needs approval.

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Bowen Bridge Rd cnr O'Connell Tce, Herston - Inbound

4006 0011

Brisbane Inner North
6.40m x 2.88m

MOVE #2744
Demo Reach
(28 days)
P14+ 4.9% 132,000 3.9
P25-54 5.7% 77,000 3.9
OG1 7.5% 47,000 4.2

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