This digital site is located adjacent to the iconic Breakfast Creek Hotel, outbound from Fortitude Valley and trendy inner-city suburbs Newstead and Newfarm. The site dominates the environment 17 hours a day as it is viewed head-on, capturing the attention of traffic heading outbound from the CBD on Breakfast Creek Road towards the airport. Average morning peak time speed: 31km/h. Average afternoon peak time speed: 38.3km/h.

Restrictions: No car dealerships or manufacturers other than Mercedes-Benz Brisbane allowed until 29th November 2020

Breakfast Creek Rd, Newstead - Outbound

4006 0018

Brisbane North
6.14m x 3.07m

MOVE #2749
Demo Reach
(28 days)
P14+ 4.1% 114,000 3.8
P25-54 4.8% 67,000 3.8
OG1 6.5% 42,000 42

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