This billboard is situated to the right of Abbotsford Road and is viewed by traffic travelling outbound from the Brisbane CBD to the north-eastern and bayside suburbs. Located beside Breakfast Creek, this site is adjacent to car yards, light industrial offi ces and warehouses. With its prominent and elevated positioning, this site captures the attention of the large volumes of passing traffic on this busy northern arterial road.

Restrictions: No special conditions

273 Abbotsford Rd, Bowen Hills - Outbound

4006 0024

Brisbane Inner North
6.00m x 3.00m
Rope Edge

MOVE #106633
Demo Reach
(28 days)
P14+ 2.1% 56,000 2.3
P25-54 2.3% 32,000 2.3
OG1 3.2% 20,000 2.4

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