This Classic 6x3 Billboard is situated to the right of Kingsford Smith Drive and is visible to traffic travelling inbound from the port side industrial areas towards Brisbane's CBD and also the Gateway Motorway. The site is located in a heavy industrial area including a bulk grain storage, petroleum storage and steel fabricating company to name just a few of the many surrounding industries. As such, this section of Kingsford Smith Drive carries a high volume of heavy vehicle traffic.

Restrictions: No advertising of political or religious content.

1344 Kingsford Smith Dr, Pinkenba - Inbound

4008 0001

Brisbane Inner North
6.00m x 3.00m
Pocket Edge

MOVE #2757
Demo Reach
(28 days)
P14+ <1% 18,000 2.7
P25-54 <1% 11,000 2.8
OG1 1% 6,000 2.9

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