The Eatons Hill ICONIC billboard is located in the Moreton Bay region, approximately 17 kilometres north-west of Brisbane and targets traffic travelling on South Pine Road from Brisbane to the outer suburbs of Brendale which is a key industrial precinct, set to become one of the biggest in the country. This large format landscape digital billboard has long clear viewing and is located at the popular Eatons Hill Hotel, which hosts some of the biggest National and International Artists, DJ’s and Festivals each year in their 8,000 seat entertainment venue and also contains a hotel and retail precinct.

Restrictions: No Pubs or Clubs

656 South Pine Road, Eatons Hill - Outbound

4037 0002

Eatons Hill
9.00m x 3.00m

MOVE #164492
Demo Reach
(28 days)
P14+ 3.6% 101,000 6.1
P25-54 3.9% 55,000 6.3
OG1 4.4% 29,000 6.8

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