This digital site is located in one of Brisbane's north-western suburbs and is viewed by a high volume of outbound traffic on Samford Road and inbound traffic on Wardell Street. The site receives prolonged viewing by traffic stopped at the traffic lights, which backs up for hundreds of metres in peak hour. The site dominates the environment, commanding attention even from the traffic streams not directly facing it.

Restrictions: No special conditions

cnr Samford Rd & Wardell St, Enoggera - Outbound

4051 0004

Brisbane Inner North West
6.14m x 3.07m

MOVE #2803
Demo Reach
(28 days)
P14+ 5.7% 154,000 3.6
P25-54 6.1% 84,000 3.5
OG1 8.2% 51,000 3.7

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