This elevated Supersite is located on Ipswich Road, one of the major south-western arterial gateways to Brisbane. Located 13kms from the CBD, this site is within a renowned industrial and commercial region. This panel is located on the right hand side of Ipswich Road and faces a heavy volume of traffic travelling outbound from Brisbane to the city of Ipswich. It is located just east of the Centenary Highway being the major feeder to the new suburbs of Springfield and Forest Lake.

Restrictions: Tower access required

Ipswich Rd, Darra - Outbound

4076 0004

Brisbane West
12.66m x 3.35m
Pocket Edge

MOVE #106636
Demo Reach
(28 days)
P14+ 7% 189,000 4.9
P25-54 7.7% 105,000 4.9
OG1 7.6% 47,000 5.2

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