This site is viewed by traffic travelling outbound from the city. Ipswich Road is a main north-south arterial and carries large volumes of traffic travelling south towards Logan City and the Gold Coast. The site receives prolonged viewing from vehicles stopped at the oncoming O'Keefe Street traffic lights and also during peak hour as traffic becomes congested on this busy road. This area is a busy light industrial and commercial zone.

Restrictions: No political, alcohol, religious advertising

Ipswich Rd (near O'Keefe St), Woolloongabba - Outbound

4102 0004

Brisbane Inner South
6.14m x 3.07m
Pocket Edge

MOVE #2844
Demo Reach
(28 days)
P14+ 3% 81,000 2.8
P25-54 3.5% 47,000 2.8
OG1 4.5% 28,000 2.9

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