This elevated Supersite reaches traffic on Ipswich Road, one of the major south-western arterial gateways to Brisbane. This site is within a renowned industrial and commercial region and close to a concentration of car and truck sales yards, the Archerfield Aerodrome and the Brisbane Markets. This panel is located on the left hand side of Ipswich Road and faces a heavy volume of traffic travelling outbound from Brisbane, and is also located 400 metres before the exit to Granard Road, a major west-east link road.

Restrictions: High Risk Site: Pocket Edge Skins only; Tower access required

Ipswich Rd (near Goburra St), Rocklea - Outbound

4106 0002

Brisbane South
12.66m x 3.35m
Pocket Edge

MOVE #2849
Demo Reach
(28 days)
P14+ 7.1% 190,000 4.5
P25-54 7.8% 106,000 4.4
OG1 8.3% 52,000 4.7

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