The sign is located on the western side of the northbound railway track facing rail passengers and is surrounded by a large residential area. The Morayfield Shopping Centre is located approximately 700 metres north and the Morayfield Road commercial/retail shopping strip is close by. Netrail billboards reach a time rich and entertainment poor audience, who on average wait 9 minutes for their train, with minimal competition for advertising messages on the platform.

Restrictions: No Alcohol, Gambling, Political, Union, Religious or Adult Entertainment advertising.

Morayfield Railway Station platform, Morayfield

4506 0003

Brisbane North
6.00m x 3.00m
Pocket Edge

MOVE #107034
Demo Reach
(28 days)
P14+ <1% 17,000 1.7
P25-54 <1% 8,000 1.6
OG1 <1% 2,000 1.8

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