Information for Landowners

goa is proud to be Queensland's leader in Out-of-Home advertising. We are excited to work with our landowners and build a secure and rewarding partnership. These partnerships add considerable value and long term security
to our landowners' properties for minimal outlay and inconvenience.

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We operate Queensland’s largest billboard network and use this expertise and market knowledge with our landowner model. Our model offers a guaranteed income, increased property values and no costly capital outlays.

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We welcome applications to become a goa landowner. We assess each opportunity and will require you to provide certain information with  your application. Here you can learn what that information is and how to apply.

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Being a landowner can raise a lot of questions. Do you want to know how to handle legal costs and documents, how long the sign will be there for or who will pay for construction? You can find answers to your questions here.

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