QUT Says "Thank You"

How did QUT, BCM and goa work together to secure final buy-in from prospective students and showcase QUT’s relevance ‘in the real world’?

The Challenge

In October 2014, QUT wanted to reach out to prospective students in a big way. The university wanted to say ‘thanks’ to high school graduates who chose QUT as one of their top three university preferences.

The Solution

Working across a three-way partnership QUT invited participants to create their very own ‘thank you’ billboard via a personalised direct mailer, which contained a unique URL, automatically scheduling their name on THE goa GRID, live. This campaign not only secured emotional buy-in, but gave prospective students more information about their chosen course.

The Results

30% of prospective students responded within days.

Overall, a massive 76% of prospective students opted in to having their name on a billboard!

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